Thursday, July 5, 2012

Color Science Pro Mineral Foundation in California Girl tutorial

I have found a fabulous mineral makeup.  This line was created by the mother of ALL mineral make up, Diane Ranger, this is the woman who brought you Bare Minerals. She left there in the early 90's and started Colore Science. It is a wonderful mineral line, a lot of the minerals having extra anti-oxidants or essential oils added.  It stays on great and continue to looks better as the day goes on....everything I want in a mineral makeup. But, WHERE have they been hiding?  WHY didn't anyone tell me about this line?  I did not even know they existed until March of this year. It seems they do virtually no marketing.  They have a website you can order from and then they are in dermatologists offices, cosmetic surgeons, the Qua Bath and Spa inside Caesars Palace, Las Vegas along with other spas etc. It's not like you can find them at the mall.
Everything that I have tried from this line, so far, I love.  The most important piece of my everyday makeup is my foundation.  I had always had a hard time, matching my color perfectly.  I have found some over the years that do the job, but never "spot on"..  Then came mineral make-up.  My search was over.  Almost.  Next I had to find the perfect mineral makeup line.  Had to be made in the USA, had to be good ingredients, look good, feel good and be run by good people.  I have tried so many....we will review those later. I even looked into making my own!  So far, this is my favorite and now I share it with you!
Here is my "before" picture...

Move your brush in a circular motion in the lid with a little ( just a pinch) of the ,mineral foundation around on a kabuki brush, tap the brush with the minerals facing up, to help them into the brush a little and then tap off the excess.  There are brushes made specifically for minerals, the right brush can make allll the difference!
Start down on your jaw where fine lines and pore are least visible, then buff in and around your face.  Buff extra in your trouble spots.
For extra coverage do another layer. If you try and do one heavy layer all at once, you will NOT like the results. Your pores will look huge and you'll look shiny.  Not pretty people, not pretty.
I added eyebrows and a little Bronzer on my apples, cheekbones, forehead and chin.

 Again, no mascara etc...just the products I mentioned.
I love Colore Science Mineral Foundation , it continued to look better as the day went on, I looked radiant and bright all day!  I give this product 2 thumbs up, for sure!!

May all of your days be beautiful!
Lisa Strawther


  1. Hello! This looks great!! Have you tried if the foundation is water resistant? xx

    1. Mineral makeup that is 100% mineral is always water resistant. This stuff wears great in hot, even humid weather!