Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fabulous Lashes: My RapidLash Experience

Its been 3 and a half weeks since I started using RapidLash. I have always wanted fabulous looking lashes, but thought that getting fake ones put on was my only option. And fake lashes, for me anyway, are very costly and a huge pain in the neck.

So our fabulous CEO told me about RapidLash (which is like fertilizer for your eyelashes). I was very skeptical at first. What if I go blind? What if my eye lashes fall off? So I let her be the Guinea pig so I can see the results for myself. To make sure this stuff was legit. When I saw her a couple Weeks later after she started using it, it was amazing! Her eyelashes were fuller, longer and fabulous!

So I did some research before I started using it, cause I'm not just going to put anything on my eyes. RapidLash is paraben free and safe to use with contacts. It doesn't have many ingredients which is really like. Here is a list of whats in it and more information on the product 

Of course there are small downfalls like anything else. Some people who used it (only 5%) reported that their eyelids got darker, but it did go away as soon as they stopped using it. Also this is a product you would have to use for as long as you want full lashes. When u do stop, your eyelashes will eventually go back to normal. The tube does last a long time. It retails for 49.99

Using it is very easy. You just apply it to the base of your eyelashes every night before bed. Once you get your eyelashes to where you want them, you can use it once a week to maintain them. RapidLash states that you see results in 3 1\2 weeks, but I started seeing longer lashes in about a week and fuller lashes in about 2 Weeks. You just have to be consistent and remember to apply it every night for best results. Personally I put in a sticky in my bathroom mirror so I don't forget LOL

I haven't experience any kind of side effects with the product. The only thing I did notice is it does tingle when you first apply it, but its not uncomfortable. Now for the proof....

Here are some before and after pics:



May all your curls be shiny-

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