Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Fix Misshaped Eyebrows

As everyone can tell you, I am a stickler for eyebrows. People always ask me if I look at faces and analyze them. I can't lie I guess I do sometimes. Hey its what I do :). As a Las Vegas Makeup Artist I will tell you what I pick apart the most....People's Eyebrows. 

Most (not everyone's) brows are either aging them or making them look bad. So I put together the most incorrect brow shapes and them how to fix them. 

Misshaped Brows

How to re-shape 

Tip: Thinner brows age you immensly. So remember the thicker the brow the younger you look. Just think back when you were younger and didn't touch your brows they were probably pretty thick.

Hoped this helped those brows!


Rachel Harper
Las Vegas Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
Making Up Las Vegas

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