Friday, June 22, 2012

BB and Lip and Cheek Stain from Birch Box Tutorial Review

So these BB (or Beauty Balm) are all the rage, eh?  Lets see...
I just received one in the Birch Box that came this month.  I LOVE this Birch Box, it's like a monthly box of goodness.  They totally hit the mark with this.  If you are not familiar with Birch Box, you should check it out.  There is a low monthly subscription fee and you get a box of different deluxe size samples each month.  The presentation is faaaaantastic! Even the shipping Box is pink.
Anyhoo, a couple of the goodies inside were Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm Multi-Action Skincare + Make up SPF 25 and Staniac hint of tint for cheeks and lips in Beauty Queen.  So, I tried them out.
Of course, start with a clean dry face! They tout this product to be a moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum, which hides imperfections.  So, you should not have to use your regular moisturizer.  Hmmmm, sounds to good to be true.
I used my fingers, you can also use a foundation brush or sponge.  start by your nose, cheek area and blend out to your jaw line.  Pay close attention to blending out the jaw line area.

Next comes the Staniac, Staaaaaaaainiac oh noooo and she's dancing like sh........ Sorry, Whenever I hear Staniac, I think Maniac and that song from Flash Dance pops in my head.  Annnnnnd, back to makeup.
This stuff can go on lips or cheeks.  Be warned, if you use your fingers to blend on your cheeks, they will be "stained" as well. SO move swiftly and wash quickly! I might know this from first hand experience.  Although the applicator is great for lip application, it's not so handy for the cheeks.  If you use a sponge, it will waste a lot of product.  I just used my fingers and they were only stained for a little.
Blend with your fingers in a circular motion and out towards/along your cheekbone, but concentrate on your apple.
For your lips, apply directly to your lips, follow your lip line like you would with a liner and then fill in the center.

I of course had to add a smidge of eyebrow color with MAC eyebrow pencil in Taupe I could only find it online at Nordstrom and Macys...I hope they are not discontinuing it!  I LOVE it and use it on my self and have it in my kit.
So there it is. My 40 year old face with the BB cream, Staniac and eyebrows.  That's it!  Not too shabby, eh?
The BB cream by Dr Jart did not impress me, it is just OK.  But I am a lover of the mineral makeup for my everyday makeup.  If you are a liquid girl, this may be a great option if you are looking to shave off  a couple of steps from your routine and save a few minutes.  The Staniac is fun and gives you a nice natural pink glow on your cheeks and with it being a 2 in 1, that definitely speeds things up.  I did this whole look in about 3 minutes.

Lisa Strawther
Owner/Makeup Artist Making Up Las Vegas

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