Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coconut Oil for luminous summer skin

Coconut oil is my new LOVE.  The way it smells, the way it makes my skin look and feel.......fabulousness.

 You can find it all over.  Here in the Vegas Valley, I like to go to Sunflower Market, but you can find it on line also. Generally, you want unrefined for your skin and hair and the refined  for cooking and consumption. I like Spectrum Coconut Oil , you can get it on Amazon for under $9, the same product is about $13 at Whole Foods. Spectrum is the one that I use everyday.  I have tried others and found them to be grainy or not as fragrant.  The Spectrum leaves my skin soft and luminous and I smell like a cross between an almond joy and that yummy suntan oil on the beach smell.  Deeeeelicous!!!  There is virgin and gold label, glass jars, etc.  This Virgin Coconut Oil comes in glass jar or a tub, but you will pay considerably more. Click here to read about the differences between virgin and refined
The "they's" say that Coconut oil is one of the closest to our own oils and therefore is easily assimilated by the skin and body.  The smell alone is intoxicating, close your eyes and you are on a tropical beach, lying in the sand.
It comes solid, but not hard...think room temperature butter, that's, kind of, the consistency.  Although here in Vegas, mine has not been solid for a month!  Its been so warm here, even with the a/c going my Coconut Oil is straight liquid.  I have put it in a squeeze bottle and will use it that way during our hot months.  You can use this from head to toe.  And when I say head to toe, I mean head to toe. It's great for your hair, face AND body.  Massage it in like you would any lotion or oil.  You can even add some essential oils if you want to give the scent a little extra yumminess.  Dry desert skin no more!  Click here to read about all of the benefits  you can get externally and internally from coconut oil.
I will NEVER go back to lotion!  Go give it a try!

May all of your days be beautiful (and yummy smelling),
Lisa Strawther
Owner/Makeup Artist Making Up Las Vegas


  1. I don't like to eat anything that has coconut in it because the texture freaks me ,out but it does wonders as an oil! <3 <3 <3 me some of that oil for my hair and skin as well. Coconut oil is my go to oil for my hair and it helps to keep my hair so soft with just the right shine for my natural hair.

  2. I love to use Coconut Oil on my skin also. The best brand that I trust to use on my skin is TIANA Fair Trade Organics. Their website was extremely informative about the perks of using their products and immediately ordered it. TIANAs Organic Fair Trade Cold Pressed
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is affordable, 100% raw and unrefined.

    PS: I also use it in my hair and in my cooking.

    Try it out