Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frizz Free Summer Hair!

This is Fabulous for giving lift and volume while keeping your hair shiny and frizz free!
It is one of my Favorite Summer styling products I keep in my bag and I love to use on my models before a photo shoot, or a client before her big Red Carpet Moment is Aveda Phomollient styling foam!

It’s amazing because it’s light weight and doesn't leave your hair feeling super stiff or sticky. It's a little bit more expensive compared to some other styling products you can find at any convenient drug store shelf, but I guarantee that those few extra dollars you spend on this product will leave other in a daze, and leaving your hair feeling and looking beautiful for any time of the day. Another amazing thing about it and why I love it so much is cause you don't have to use all that much so a bottle it going to last awhile. I know that the package says it’s for fine hair but take it  from me a professional Hairstyles and makeup artist that it also works on thick and wavy just fine. You will love the extra volume and body your hair has when using this product, it really keeps your hair from turning into a big frizzy mess on those humid summer days.
Here are some simple instructions for using this product,
•Do not shake the bottle.                                                                       
•Spray 1-2 pumps into your hand
•Apply the product  to your damp hair.
•Rub your hands together to distribute evenly.
•Distribute near the roots for added lift.
•Use a round brush and blow dry your hair to create volume.
•Alternatively, use a diffuser while blow drying to create soft curls that keep their shape. Or you can simply just distribute it evenly through your hair and style it to your preference without applying heat.
Ta-da! Gorgeous hair!

And remember, simplicity is the luxury of beauty.
Zay Valentin
for Making Up Las Vegas


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