Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am Part of the Curly Revolution!

In my 28 years on this earth, I have never LOVED my haircut and didn't even really like my curly hair until my girlfriend Monique to me to a salon that was accustomed to cutting curly hair. They cut it short.   I haven't wanted straight hair since then.   Growing up I wanted so badly for my hair to be straight like "everybody" else's.  I now totally dig it and have finally got a cut  perfect for my curly hair. All thanks to Danielle Green here in good old Henderson, NV at The District!! I FINALLY have my perfect afro!  It is definitely not easy finding someone to cut it just right or find the right product that will let your curls bounce and shine and be beautiful. I have tried everything from hairspray (what was I thinking!?) to texturizing creams, gels, mousses, shine serums and more. The regimen is......... Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner (

 goes on right out of the shower. Next, Air dry, (while you do your makeup).  This defines curls as it dries. Then you can pick it out.  Next is Kinky Curls Original Curling Custard....LOVE that this is all natural (

 This holds and gives shine and also helps prevent breakage.  Just work it through with your fingers.  This stuff is the bomb.  My shampoo and conditioner are vegan paraben sulfate free business that is not curly hair specific.  So these two products are what make it happen!

May all your curls be shiny-
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