Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blend, blend, blend! Blending your makeup

Every woman wonders, at one point or another, whether she is applying her make-up correctly.  I have heard this from my Las Vegas clients for years, even from women who have been wearing make-up for a long time.  It can be very frustrating, even to the point that you don’t want to wear make-up at all.  And, well, we cannot have that! 
The first thing I tell every client is to make sure you BLEND.  Blending makes all the difference in the world.  Whether it is eye shadow, blush or foundation, blending is a must!!
So, let’s start with your foundation (as you should)!  You can use a foundation brush or a make-up sponge.  I find that my clients tend to have an easier time with a sponge. Your fingers are a great tool too.  But use whatever you are most comfortable with.  When using traditional liquid foundation, start by spreading the foundation under your eyes, around your nose and out toward your cheekbone, down the bridge of your nose, around your mouth and the center of your forehead.  Next-BLEND with your sponge.  You don’t want to see any distinct lines; the foundation should blend flawlessly into your skin.  Pay close attention to your jaw area.  If after all the blending you still can “see” your foundation, you should consult with a professional and make sure you are wearing the correct shade for your skin.
Now, let’s move on to blush.  Using your blush brush start at the “apple” of your cheek and sweep upward (like a “swoosh” from that popular sneaker line). I dust the apples repeatedly until I get the depth of color I want.  Next, wipe the blush brush on a clean dry wash cloth to get rid of any color left and then use it to go over the cheek area several times to blend your blush.  Again, no distinct lines.
The last blending opportunity is with your eye shadow.  Apply your lid color, crease color and highlight color.  Then use your largest eye shadow brush and go back and forth over your crease color.  Wipe the brush on a clean, dry wash cloth and then blend back and forth over the entire area for a perfectly blended eye.
Brushes make a big difference.  Make sure you are using the right makeup tools for the job!  We will, of course, cover this in another blog.
It will take just a bit of practice, but that, ladies is how you get the perfect blend! 

Have a fabulous day,
Your favorite Las Vegas Makeup Artist, Lisa Strawther

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