Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to use Smashbox gel liner

How to Use Gel Eyeliner

Here are steps to help you use Gel eyeliner successfully. I will be using a small angled liner brush and Smashbox's Jet Black waterproof gel liner.

I started with a little mascara on, but you can start with a blank canvas.

1. Use the lid to get the right amount of gel on the brush. I wipe off the excess on the lid.

2. Start with the angled pointed out and a little up so that the liner doesn't end up drooping downwards. 

3. Make small and dark dashes right on the base of the lashes. I'm even a little on top of mine. Then connect the dashes.

4. When you get to the inner eye switch the angle to point towards the nose and make a very thin line right to the corner for a more defined look. (For a more natural look end the line at the last eyelash)

5. Very Important!... Always rest your pinky or hand against your face for stability. If you don't the eyeliner will not be smooth and it can end up really thick.

6. Then thicken it to your liking just go slow...

7. Add eyeshadow and black eyeliner to the lower lash line.

Rachel Harper
Las Vegas Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

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