Thursday, March 8, 2012

No heat waves

No Heat Waves

I have really straight hair and I am always envious of people with naturally wavy hair. So I guess I'll just have to fake it this time.

I start at night with damp hair and I put this Catwalk Curlesque Mousse in my hair from root to ends. I let my hair air dry a little longer before I put it into a loose messy bun. Then I get some beauty rest :).

When I wake up I let my hair down. It should be dry at this point, if it's not then use your diffuser till it is.

Then I spray some Living Proof Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling Spray through my hair. Then I use my fingers to kinda comb through my hair.

This is more of a messy wavy look, almost like a softer beach wave look. If you want more of a smooth, defined look you will probably have to use a curling iron (heat).

Hope your day isn't as messy as my hair! hehe :)


Rachel Harper
Las Vegas Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

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