Friday, March 9, 2012

Pamper and face masks

Pamper Yourself

So my Hubby is sick :(, but that leaves me some girl time.
Time to Pamper Myself! 

I am going to do a Hydrating Hair Mask and a Hydrating Face "Masque".

This Hair Mask is Bed Head's Treat Me Right. You can find it here.
I love this treatment because it leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky.

First though you want to deep clean your hair with a clarifying or purifying shampoo. I only use this every couple of months thats why you would only need a small bottle.
This one is Paul Mitchell's Clarifying Shampoo Two. This gets all the crap out of your hair that products and the environment build up and leave in it.

Shampoo your beautiful hair from roots to ends. :)

 Then a little beauty tip, heat up your mask or conditioner. The heat helps it to penetrate deeper into the hair. Apply from scalp to ends. Only microwave it for about 5-10 seconds, depending on how much product you need. (I put it in for 10sec)

 For the face mask, make sure to have a clean, dry face. Exfoliate for an even deeper penetration of the mask.

I used the Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque. You can get it here. This really helps if you feel your skin looks dulls and dehydrated. My skin feels and looks so much softer after.

Apply both masks. Then cover the hair with a shower cap.

If your hair is really damaged or brittle try using heat (blow dryer) on it while the mask is on. Just make sure you don't let the hair dry. If you hair is in pretty good condition you don't have to use heat. You can just sit down and put those feet up and relax.

Or you can come over to my house and use my vintage hair dryer :)

Rachel Harper
Las Vegas Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

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