Monday, February 27, 2012

The Smokey Eye Look-Las Vegas MakeUp Artist

The Smokey Eye......everyone wants it, especially in Las Vegas!  Now you can have it!
This one is for you Soonya!

A couple of things not do your foundation first.  Doing a smokey eye can get messy.  So start with the eye makeup, once you are done, you can easily clean up any fallout with a q-tip and some eye makeup remover. THEN, you put on foundation and conceal!

1.  Prime your eye with a good eye primer.  For the smokey eye, I like a matte, flesh toned eye primer.   Use this from lash line to just above your crease.
2.Curl those lashes!!!

3. Next Use the lightest color from just above the crease to under the brow bone.

4.  Now, take your black shadow and put it from the lash line to the top of the round of your eyeball, just covering the lid.  You can make this lighter or darker, depending on your preference.

5. Use your crease brush to blend the line between the dark and light shadow by going back and forth.

6. Line your top and bottom with black eyeliner.  Make sure you get as close to the lash line (or in the lash line (as possible).

7.Take a smudger with your black eyeshadow and go over where you put eyeliner.

8.  Work that mascara! Top and bottom. 

9. Ta-Da!!!!  Smokey-licious!

10.  Now clean up the mess you made under your eye with all the black eyeshadow, do your eyebrows and the rest and you are good to go!!

May your day be beautiful!
Las Vegas MakeUp Artist Lisa Strawther
Making Up Las Vegas

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