Monday, February 20, 2012

Mascara... Do's...& Don'ts...

Todays topic….Mascara: Do’s and Dont’s

Hello ladies! So, lets talk about mascara…..

I’m going to start by sharing a story from a retail client I had a few years ago, as a Las Vegas Makeup Artist.

I am just finishing the face of a beautiful young lady who was in with her mother. As her daughter is picking out a mascara, the mother turns to me and says “No matter what I do, I just cannot keep my mascara on, its half way down my face within a couple of hours of applying it”. I am horrified by this and launch into a full interrogation (is she using an eyelid primer, where is she applying her eye cream, is she using water proof…..). My last question was “what brand are you using”? She replies “Oh, I don’t know, I’ve been using the same mascara for 20 years. I just keep adding water”. WHAT!!??!! So I tell her, “Well honey, your mascara’s not staying on because you are putting black water on your lashes, not mascara. AND, you are very fortunate you have not lost an eye to some crazy bacteria”. Holy gaucamole, that is just crazy!

We do not ever, ever, ever do this. Replace your mascara every 6-8 weeks ladies. Bacteria can flourish in pretty much anything that has water in it. Do not ever add water. I guarantee that if your mascara is s too dry to apply with out adding water, that it is way older than 8 weeks, and is in desperate need of being replaced.

With that being said, here is a list of rules. Quick and easy!

1. Never, ever add water (or anything else for that matter) to your mascara!

2. Replace your mascara every 6-8 weeks-DO IT!!! It’s a cheaper than replacing an eyeball.

3. Don’t share your mascara. Cooties come in all shapes and sizes, keep yours to yourself.

4. If your mascara is under your eyes within a couple of hours, there’s a problem. You may need a different formula, you might be putting your eye cream to close to your eye or on your lid, it could be several different things. But this is not cute on anyone, try to get to the bottom of it!

5. When applying mascara, always put your chin up and look down into the mirror, this makes it a lot harder to get mascara on your lids during application.

6. Black mascara, not brown. Brown mascara only goes on the palest of lashes and not even always then. Black looks great on everyone. Brown is nice for your bottom lashes, but thats where I draw the line!

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail, I’d be glad to answer it in my next blog!

Have a glorious no mascara under the eyes day!

Lisa Strawther
Las Vegas Makeup Artist

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