Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beautiful skin needs love from the inside out!

WE ALL want beautiful skin (or most of you who read this blog do).

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -Hippocrates
Do you know what he is saying here?  Words to live by.  Don't eat a Mickey D's hamburger, "fries" (i use the term loosely) and soda for dinner and then be mad 'cause your pants don't fit or your face breaks out or you have to take medicine for high cholesterol.
We ARE what we eat.  If you want beautiful skin, you must eat beautiful foods and you must be healthy.  As much organic as possible, avoid anything that has been injected with steroids, hormones and/or antibiotics.  The plant based diet seems to be the most healthful, often times it can reverse horrible ailments, even cancer.
The more I know, the smaller my food choices become.  25+ years ago I stopped eating red meat after a summer job at Burger King.  2+ years ago I stopped eating dairy (directly. I will still eat milk chocolate and an occasional baked good.  But nothing creamy or cheesy). 2 months ago I stopped eating poultry and eggs.  I feel great, my skin looks better then it did in my 20's and people are often shocked by my age, but no one joins me.  Instead, they tell me I am crazy, obsessed etc. They also tell me that regardless of the information, studies and facts I throw at them, they will not change the way they eat.  It's kind of sad. I look around to many of my friends, family, acquaintances and see obesity, a whole lot of prescription drugs, acne, hair loss, depression, fatigue, anemia, insomnia a lot of it accompanied with some pretty atrocious eating habits.  Most have an excuse for their condition, and it rarely blames themselves or what they put in their mouth.  I have watched friends and family die in front of my eyes, who could have extended their lives by simply changing their diet or stop drinking beer every day.  There are people who flat out refuse to eat fruits and vegetables. To the adults, I say, pick up a book and read about how you are killing yourself and if you are a parent of a child who you let eat like this...shame on you.  Your child will have irreparable damage done if they are raised on pb & J on wonder bread , fast food, school lunches, and are never forced to eat a fruit or vegetable.  Our bodies simply CANNOT survive.  The problems will come later, after it's too late.
A BIG part of the problem is that people claim to be using "common sense" (which I believe doesn't really exist, but that's a whole 'nother blog in itself).  The problem is that we are so inundated with commercials and marketing that are sneaky and confuse us into thinking certain things are healthy.  The politics of it are quite disgusting....there are people in position in our Dept. of Agriculture, who inform the public of what is "healthy" and how much of what we need in our diets, who have financial interest in dairy or beef.  WTF? all I can say to this!  That explains the "Milk it does a body good" nonsense, and so much more.
An example of how even the most "health" conscious can be mislead by media, diets, etc.  I have a friend, Soonya, whose body is smokin hot and she works her butt off for it.  It wasn't but a year ago or so that we were discussing the means she uses to get the results that she gets.  to sum it up, she told me that she works out hard almost everyday and that ALL she eats is protein.....WHAT?  I, of course, launch into a full much water is she drinking? A gallon a day.  How often does she poop?  Maybe once a week.  OMG, colon cancer waiting to happen, not to mention the host of other issues that come when you do not get all the nutrients that your body needs.  Now, I am no health professional or nutritionist, it is however, my hobby and my love.  I immediately put her on blueberries and suggest a pro biotic.  I give her the standard lecture about how food works in synergy and that you need this to absorb that and so on.  I was checking in with her at least once a week, "how are you poopin?" I would ask. She now has a very well balanced diet and an even more Smokin Hot Body!  But even more importantly, she is much healthier and poops once or twice a day. Phew!  Soonya thought she was doing the best thing for her body, but she would not have been able to go on like that for very long with out starting to develop issues. Each day that your body is deprived of essential nutrients, it can NEVER recover, there is no, making it up the next day.  The damage has been done.
I have started using one of those calorie counting apps, not to count calories, but it shows me all the nutritional info.  I can see how much protein, calcium, fat, fiber etc that I need and how much I am getting.  Most of what I eat is quite healthful, but I need to make sure I am getting all the other stuff that my body needs.  I think after a month or so, it will have me trained pretty well and I will no longer need it. 
Not all methods work for everyone.  But check yourself, educate yourself, ask questions and know who is providing the answers and why.  A study promoting dairy, paid by the dairy association....hmmmmm, suspect for sure!
Health is not a perspective.  It is an actual science.  How does your skin look? Do you have regular bowel movements? Do you break out constantly as an adult?  Are you losing hair? Are you always gassy? Is your tongue coated (this is bad).....
So, to surmise, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Healthy food, lots of water and you are on your way to a more beautiful you!

May all of your days be beautiful!!
Lisa Strawther
CEO Making Up Las Vegas

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