Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The basics....#1, you must prep your canvas, ladies!
Lets start at the beginning…

Just like you prepare anything else for “paint”, you must prepare your face for cosmetics. Skin care is crucial. We will get into great skin care lines, what I think is fantastic, and the dirty details later. As far as it goes for now…..Cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer. Get some and use it! Morning AND night if you can manage. Your make-up will feel and look better on a well taken care of face.

If I as a Las Vegas Makeup Artist, was stranded on a desert island and could only take ONE cosmetic product with me, it would be eye cream. Lots and lots of eye cream. I would use it everywhere. (Which eye cream it would be, will be disclosed at a later date…. stay tuned)! I put eye cream on consistently every morning and every night. Even if I do nothing else!!! (Yeah, yeah, I am not perfect). I do what I can ladies. Don’t we all?

Skin care. Get some. Use it.


Lisa Stawther
Las Vegas Makeup Artist

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